I think I always wanted something that was connected to the darker sort of tones of the earlier Doctors. It’s stark, and it means business, and I believe it. It’s the thing that makes me feel most like Doctor Who. - Peter on The One Show speaking about his costume. 

Patrick Troughton days to Doctor Who…


Here’s my Master Guide For Doctor Who Series 8 Episodes

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Doctor Who Tour - Rio Photo Call

Jenna Louise Coleman and Peter Capaldi


Scorsese’s Women featuring Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Juliette Lewis and Jessica Lange by Steven Klein for W Magazine


Don Blanding, “Lady of the Night”….

The past is just a story we tell ourselves.


Pretty Deadly by Cameron Stewart


Another image from Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice has arrived, along with new details.

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Jon Pertwee days to Doctor Who…


Peter Capaldi on being the Doctor and the power of Doctor Who